! Woman on Top

Another lazy Sunday morning, with my coffee cup in bed (I woke up really late that day, for a change :)), jumping from a channel to
 another hoping to run across something worth watching … Honestly I couldn’t keep the same station for more than 3 seconds, only the time to press the remote button to move to the next ! it all looks alike, artificially made up pretty girls wearing attractive garments pretending to sing, with audience pretending to be listening … and if you decide you’re into an entraining talk show and ‘to add insult to injury’, you would come across those same girls being interviewd about the same ridicule you’ve just run off ! After many comings and goings and even though I was tempted to watch The Simpsons serie, I finally stopped by Oprah show … I thought this would make me appear less childish in front of my 12 years old brother 🙂
Oprah is always impressing, but not so much her statements and the values she seemed to preach ! this time she was inviting Arnold Schwarzenegger’ wife, a classy lady who’s organizing some event to promote women’s leadership by honoring a group of America’s most successful and inspiring women … one of whom is the founder of Ms magazine (The fusion of “Mrs” and “Mr”) , Gloria Steinem (born in 1934) a struggling journalist in the early 60’s who didn’t start her career in the most conventional ways ! and who become later a radical feminist and the spokwoman of the women liberation movement …
The woman sitting in front of Oprah was a 74 years lady, who, I must say looks good for her age, but who got nothing to hang on after long years of fighting for things she believed represented what a woman needs to be free and then happy! among others “genders equality”. She was against marriage and proclaimed it to be an unbalanced union as the women hasn’t yet come to set her rights.After 30 years and to your suprise Gloria got married for the very first time at the age of 66 ! (never too late!)
Is this the role model that Oprah wants the millions of young Americans who watch her show to follow? and again not only Americans, the program is broadcasted in Middle East and North Africa and the translation in Arabic makes it accessible to anyone who can decipher Arabic! is this the typical path of a “Woman on Top” … no husband, no kids and automatically no grand kids ! … only a huge career, tons of money and the luxury of making an appearance on Oprah show ! I would give up (and every sane woman) all those to have grand kids laughing at me forgetting over and over again to put on my artificial denture, making a plait of my white hair, and asking me to tell them the same story for the 100th time … ( I wasn’t a grandma before but I was a grand daughter :)) They can keep brainwashing us about “what a happy successful woman is”, but they have first to erase from history’s layers the memory of Marilyn Monroe, the legendary Opra singer Maria Callas, Leila Pahlavi (The daughter of Mohamed Reza Pahlavi, late Shah of Iran)…and many others, all rich, beautiful, successful women who had chosen to end their lives because they got everything they want but not the very thing every woman needs the most… “Love”
Fatima Ezzahra JAOUHARI

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  1. المهدي التهامي
    يوليو 06, 2011 @ 13:01:25

    Nice Article … keep it up


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